TATTUS-S Centrifuge 6000 Rpm 3340 x g.

SKU: 1480-S

Small laboratory centrifuge. Its structure guarantees work and the wide range of applications in medicinal, veterinary, biochemical and other laboratories where constituents of investigated material are to be separated under the effect of centrifugal force.

  • Maintenance – free brushless motor.
  • Time preselection up to 60 min or continuous mode. (15 sec interval adjustment).
  • Inspection glass.
  • Speed: 100-6000 rpm Max RCF: 3340 Xg.
  • Short time of acceleration.
  • Controlled by microprocessor with LCD screen that permits displaying all parameters.
  • Safety features:
    • it is not possible to open the lid during spinning.
    • it is not possible to start when the lid is open.
    • Emergency lid lock release.
  • Sound level: 60db.

Manufactured according to National and International standards EN-61010-1 and EN-61010-2-020 on safety and EC marking.


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