Stirrers brochures

Icono PDF Tube Mixer Ref. 1100/1110.

Icono PDF Magnetic Stirrer whithout heating Ref. 1200.

Icono PDF Magnetic Stirrer Ref. 1201.

Icono PDF Magnetic Stirrer Ref. 1203.

Icono PDF Magnetic Stirrer with heating and digital thermostat Ref. 1205.

Icono PDF Rod stirrer Ref. 1300.

Icono PDF Digital rod stirrer Ref. 1301.

Icono PDF Rod stirrer Ref. 1320.

Icono PDF Digital rod stirrer Ref. 1321.

PDF Miniorbital shaker Ref. 1420.

PDF Miniorbital shaker for microtiter plates Ref. 1440.

PDF Linear and orbital shaker Ref. 1400.

PDF Platelets shaker Ref. 1400-60.

PDF Tube Rotator Ref. 1130.

 PDF Blood bag rotator Ref. 1150.