BLOBEL Centrifuge 18000 Rpm 31150 xg.

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  • Maintenance – free, brush less motor.
  • 99 operation programs.
  • 10 acceleration and decceleration curves.
  • Memory of the last 10 working cycles.
  • Timer: 0 a 99 hours 59 min and 59sec. or ∞. (1 sec interval adjustment). Time counting begins either when push button start is pressed or when rpm of the rotor reaches rotational speed set up in the program.
  • Pre-selection for rotational speed of RCF. Possibility of varying parameters during the cycle.
  • Spinning in “short” mode.
  • Automatic lid opening.
  • Rotor identification.
  • Controlled by microprocessor with large LCD screen that permits displaying all parameters. Blanking the screen after a period of inactivity.
  • Errors indication system: Signals of failure in the power supplier. Improperly chosen rotor.
  • Centrifuging parameters recording - PC computer (USB).
  • Menu language setting.
  • Selected functions blocking, password protection.
  • Possibility of centrifuging samples with a density higher than 1.2gr / cm3 with automatic speed adjustment.
  • Centrifugal radius adjustment for samples with automatic RCF correction.
  • Safety features:
    • Lid locking during rotor running.
    • Start blocking at opened lid.
    • Emergency lid lock release.
    • Unbalance sensor.
  • Sound level: < 62db.

Manufactured according to National and International standards EN-61010-1 and EN-61010-2-020 on safety and EC marking.


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