Electro deposition device 6P



      Equipment designed to prepare enviromental samples prior to use Alpha spectometry to analyse the sample. What the actual appliance does is an electrodeposition of a sample (solution) prepared for this purpose. Once this process has been carried out it is taken to a spectrometer to analyse the presence of these particles. The equipment can be comprised of 4 or 6 cells (other quantities can be manufactured on demand), which is where the samples are placed. It can be coupled to a cooling tray, if the technique requires this

  • Structure carried out in PMMA plastic, very resistant to vapours given off during the electrodeposition process.
  • Ceramic winding intensity regulators that make the electrodeposition process more stable, as well as providing it with a prolonged working life.
  • Uniformity of deposition that assures effective and repeatable results.
  • Forced ventilation within the equipment structure, to avoid the presence of vapours on the inside and provide optimal maintenance of the electrical contacts.
  • Analogue measurement instruments 0-2 A class 2.
  • Electrodes for platinum electrodeposition with AISI 304 stainless steel handle.
  • All the metal parts of the equipment are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.


Manufactured according to EC directives.



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Weight: 12 kg
Dimensions: 300 mm × 575 mm × 465 mm