Digital Bath BMT.

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  • Thermostatic bath specially designed to practice in education centers.
  • Power1000w.
  • Cabinete painted in epoxy.
  • Bucket made of transparent polycarbonate for 5L. capacity.
  • Heating by shielded heating element made of AISI 316 stainless steel.
  • Digital Temperature control by digital thermostat controlled by microcontroller from environment + 5º to 90ºC. Resolution, 0.1ºC.
  • Water homogenization system with air pump, (optional).
  • Equipped with a safety thermostat adjustable that has a manual reset in the event of over-temperature according to DIN 12877, class 2.
  • Stainless steel rack for 24 tubes up to 20mm Ø.

Manufactured according to CE directives.


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Dimensions: 325 mm × 176 mm × 210 mm