Bi - Distiller 4 Liters.

SKU: BA1040
  • Model designed as a cabinet shape.
  • For usual bi-distillation in laboratory obtaining high quality distillation with high purity water and free of metal ions and pyrogens.
  • Fully automatic continuous output.
  • The different parts made of borosilicate glass and heater protected by a quartz sheath lengthens its duration.
  • This model has wall mounting bracket and incorporate level detector for external tank.
  • Translucent color screen that displays the process, and easily removable in order to access into the water still.
  • Water consumption; 2L/min
  • Conductivity at 20ºC (µS/cm); 0,5
  • Safety:

          - Device protects the water still in the event of water supply failure.

          - This range incorporates a device to fill a container without worrying when it finished. It cuts water and electrical supply to avoid useless expenses of water and electricity.

Manufactured according to EC directives.


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Weight: 22 kg
Dimensions: 400 mm × 690 mm × 480 mm