Metal block thermostats 200ºC

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  • Dry heating system by metal blocks, which is characterized by the absence of liquid as the heat transmission element, thereby preventing the evaporation of the heated liquid, splashes, spills and strange odours.
  • Great versatility. The interchangeable blocks for tubes and containers of various sizes allow this device to be used in all kinds of laboratories (analysis, science, research) and allow various techniques to be applied for drying, digestion, evaporation, etc.
  • Heating elements distributed throughout the entire contact surface in order achieve greater temperature uniformity. Temperature regulation by means of a digital thermostat with auto-adjustable PID control (AUTOTUNIG), in order to obtain very low working temperature inertia.. Resolution 0.1ºC. Temperature display with double digital display of 4 digits.
  • Probe type Pt-100.
  • Interchangeable heating blocks made out of an aluminium alloy (DURAL) for optimum heat transmission throughout the entire block.
  • Capacity: two blocks (not incluided).
  • Exterior metal housing painted in epoxy, with the top part manufactured out of AISI 304 stainless steel.
  • Supplied with a rod for extracting the blocks.

Manufactured according to EC directives.





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